Group Policy Analytics: how to migrate GPOs to Intune

The new operating systems Windows 10 and Windows 11 are characterized by a strong cloud footprint; the concept of Modern Management is based precisely on the use of cloud-based solutions for the management of identities and devices in the company. The new normal is characterized by the need to work outside the office and thisContinue reading “Group Policy Analytics: how to migrate GPOs to Intune”

Microsoft Tunnel: access to on-prem resources from Android or iOS devices – Part 2

In the previous article related to the Microsoft Tunnel solution, we talked about the advantages that this solution can bring to companies and their employees in accessing data and services based on on-premise resources through mobile devices; we have also seen the procedure for installing Microsoft Tunnel Gateway in a container running on a LinuxContinue reading “Microsoft Tunnel: access to on-prem resources from Android or iOS devices – Part 2”

Microsoft Intune: What’s new in May and June release

As usual in this blog, this article will provide an overall overview of the main news released by Microsoft on Intune; the purpose of these articles is to allow those who follow me to stay up to date on these topics and have the necessary references to carry out more in-depth information. The most importantContinue reading “Microsoft Intune: What’s new in May and June release”

Android Enterprise Dedicated mode with Azure AD shared devices

Digital transformation plays a crucial role in the development of companies’ production processes and requires all employees to have the necessary digital tools. For this reason, it is advisable to provide the figures in the company defined as first-line workers (or front-line workers) with the necessary tools to be able to perform their business inContinue reading “Android Enterprise Dedicated mode with Azure AD shared devices”

Endpoint Analytics: Introduction to solution

In recent years, but especially in the last period, we have witnessed an epochal change in the way people work. To help companies in this evolutionary process, Microsoft has made available the Microsoft Endpoint Analytics service that provides the information needed to measure how the company is working and the quality of the user experienceContinue reading “Endpoint Analytics: Introduction to solution”

Tenant Attach: modern device management

The use of personal devices for work, as well as the fact that employees can also work outside the office, have required changes in the way devices are managed within companies. Microsoft has introduced the concept of Modern Management to describe the transition process from traditional device management, with an on-premise infrastructure, to a cloud-basedContinue reading “Tenant Attach: modern device management”