Universal Print: Cloud Print Management – Part 2

In the previous article related to the Universal Print solution, we talked about the advantages that this solution can bring to companies regarding the management of print processes and the potential deprovisioning of on-premise infrastructures; in this second part dedicated to the solution, we provide the necessary indications on how to assign printers to yourContinue reading “Universal Print: Cloud Print Management – Part 2”

Universal Print: Cloud Print Management – Part 1

Never as in this period Digital Transformation has been influencing our way of thinking and doing business; new technologies are redesigning and improving what is the value proposition of products and services.For a long time, companies have needed a solution that allows them to manage and supply prints to their employees quickly and easily; forContinue reading “Universal Print: Cloud Print Management – Part 1”

What’s new in Windows Virtual Desktop

Based on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, at the end of July, the update called Spring Update 2020 for the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution was released in General Availability. With the introduction of this update, Microsoft has drastically improved the experience of managing the WVD environment by integrating it within the Azure portal. In thisContinue reading “What’s new in Windows Virtual Desktop”

Windows Virtual Desktop: solution at the service of Smart Working

Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s cloud-based solution that allows companies to support Smart Working quickly and securely; this solution provides users a real workstation, allowing access to company data and applications in absolute safety. With Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), it is also possible to configure a scalable and flexible environment meeting the needs and requests ofContinue reading “Windows Virtual Desktop: solution at the service of Smart Working”

Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 3

In the previous article dedicated to Desktop Analytics we saw how to create the dedicated portal and how to onboard compatible systems on the solution; in this third and last part, we will provide an overview of the Desktop Analytics portal and its main features. Before proceeding with the overview on the Desktop Analytics portal,Continue reading “Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 3”

Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 2

In the previous article dedicated to Desktop Analytics we talked about the benefits that this solution can bring to companies in terms of updating their Windows 10 devices and how to avoid post-update application incompatibility issues; in this second article, we will provid necessary information to proceed with the creation of the dedicated workspace and howContinue reading “Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 2”

Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 1

Desktop Analytics offers a 360-degree view of all aspects of application and driver compatibility when it comes to updating your Windows 10 devices; this Microsoft Cloud service, integrated with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, combines the data of your organization with the aggregate data of the various Windows 10 devices connected to cloud services. The greatest advantageContinue reading “Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 1”

Azure Update Management: introduction to the solution

One of the most innovative and useful solutions for companies in the security management field is certainly Azure Update Management. For many companies, the management of security updates is a major challenge from both an organizational and technical point of view; not all organizations have the ability to use Configuration Manager to distribute updates andContinue reading “Azure Update Management: introduction to the solution”

Windows 10: introduction to Microsoft Defender ATP

Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Microsoft Defender ATP) is a platform built specifically to prevent, detect, analyze and respond to advanced threats. This article shows the main features of the solution, the related benefits and an overview of the related portal. Microsoft Defender ATP leverages the following technologies to make devices as secure as possible:Continue reading “Windows 10: introduction to Microsoft Defender ATP”