CM Secondary Site link failed after upgrade 2006 CM Hotfix Rollup (KB4578605)

In this post we will talk about an issue that can occur during the upgrade process of the Configuration Manager infrastructure if there are secondary sites. After upgrading our primary site to the 2006 CM Hotfix Rollup (KB4578605) we followed the specific KB provided by Microsoft to upgrade secondary sites ( As indicated, to updateContinue reading “CM Secondary Site link failed after upgrade 2006 CM Hotfix Rollup (KB4578605)”

Android Enterprise Dedicated mode with Azure AD shared devices

Digital transformation plays a crucial role in the development of companies’ production processes and requires all employees to have the necessary digital tools. For this reason, it is advisable to provide the figures in the company defined as first-line workers (or front-line workers) with the necessary tools to be able to perform their business inContinue reading “Android Enterprise Dedicated mode with Azure AD shared devices”

Endpoint Analytics: Introduction to solution

In recent years, but especially in the last period, we have witnessed an epochal change in the way people work. To help companies in this evolutionary process, Microsoft has made available the Microsoft Endpoint Analytics service that provides the information needed to measure how the company is working and the quality of the user experienceContinue reading “Endpoint Analytics: Introduction to solution”

How to distribute content with the Cloud Management Gateway

In the previous article related to the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) functionality, we talked about the advantages that this solution can bring to companies regarding the management of devices connected directly on the Internet; in this second part dedicated to functionality, I will provide the necessary information configure client systems, install the Configuration Manager client onContinue reading “How to distribute content with the Cloud Management Gateway”

Cloud Management Gateway: secure management of devices connected to Internet

Due to the COVID-19 emergency and consequent lockdown, we have witnessed an exponential increase in remote activity by employees; this has generated a rush by companies to a digital transformation to ensure efficiency and productivity. The choice to consistently use the simple VPN made it possible to respond to the emergency quickly and effectively, butContinue reading “Cloud Management Gateway: secure management of devices connected to Internet”

What’s new in version 2006 of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

This blog will periodically release a series of articles dedicated to the new features introduced in the new builds of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. The goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of the main news, in order to stay up to date on these topics and have the necessary references to conduct further studies.Continue reading “What’s new in version 2006 of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager”

Tenant Attach: modern device management

The use of personal devices for work, as well as the fact that employees can also work outside the office, have required changes in the way devices are managed within companies. Microsoft has introduced the concept of Modern Management to describe the transition process from traditional device management, with an on-premise infrastructure, to a cloud-basedContinue reading “Tenant Attach: modern device management”

What’s new in Windows Virtual Desktop

Based on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, at the end of July, the update called Spring Update 2020 for the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution was released in General Availability. With the introduction of this update, Microsoft has drastically improved the experience of managing the WVD environment by integrating it within the Azure portal. In thisContinue reading “What’s new in Windows Virtual Desktop”

Windows Virtual Desktop: solution at the service of Smart Working

Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s cloud-based solution that allows companies to support Smart Working quickly and securely; this solution provides users a real workstation, allowing access to company data and applications in absolute safety. With Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), it is also possible to configure a scalable and flexible environment meeting the needs and requests ofContinue reading “Windows Virtual Desktop: solution at the service of Smart Working”

Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 3

In the previous article dedicated to Desktop Analytics we saw how to create the dedicated portal and how to onboard compatible systems on the solution; in this third and last part, we will provide an overview of the Desktop Analytics portal and its main features. Before proceeding with the overview on the Desktop Analytics portal,Continue reading “Desktop Analytics: Introduction to Solution – Part 3”